The Need for Creative, Social and Emotional Skills: An Optimistic View

In the industrial revolution, machines substituted human beings in many physical tasks, and thus we started performing more intellectual tasks. Today, technology is replacing us in many cognitive and rational tasks.

Humanity is necessarily moving towards more evolved tasks and more flexible mindsets, led by the new possibilities of technology and global connection.

These tasks and mindsets require the development of creative skills, social and emotional capabilities, and other practical skills that can prepare our children for the new paradigms of life and work.

The Need for Creative, Social and Emotional: A Pessimistic View

The Education system has an immediate need to serve our children with the relevant skills for the upcoming times

The times of excessive consumerism and of leverage on resources that destroy our planet are coming to their maximum exponent. The natural, social and political structures that reign in our world are trembling and will soon become different. 

The new paradigms of life and work will require learning to navigate uncertainty and adapt within flexible and constantly changing structures.

We want to prepare our children for a new era of regeneration, empowering them to develop creative solutions with an open mind, to make the Earth a sustainable place to cohabitate.

Inspiration for The School of Wonder: Grace VanderWaal

This little girl called Grace Vanderwaal speaks with the language of her heart and shows to have much clarity. Her humility and her ability to be in the present moment is almost overwhelming for the viewer.

The lyrics of her song are a very important message for all to try to find authentic selves in this world. 

Thanks Grace, I am so glad this world has space for you, I wish you can keep bringing us light for the rest of your life!

You are a big inspiration for us in The School of Wonder! <3