Wonder Adventures presents…


An Interactive Immersive Theater-Like Treasure Hunt for Kids in Fort Greene Park, Brooklyn

* The Quest for the Magic Potion is a two-hour long immersive treasure-hunt designed for kids between 5-10 years old. Any child below the age of 7 needs to be accompanied by an adult (we promise that the activity is fun for the adults, too). All children’s parents or guardians need to sign a liability waiver. *


Our Wonder Adventure will start at the top of Fort Greene Park, by the large column.

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After getting to know one another, our group will encounter a mysterious magician who will invite us on a journey throughout the park to find the missing ingredient to his secret potion.

Along the way we will solve puzzles and riddles, seek help from the local animals, cross invisible rivers, hunt for ancient trees and find pieces of a secret map that will lead us to the last ingredient. Upon successfully completing our mission, we will finalize the potion and enjoy the magic of our new superpower: making enormous bubbles that won’t pop!  The adventure will end where it began. 

This Wonder Adventure is customized depending on the age of the participating children , having some whimsical moments for the youngest ones, and some original challenges that require a good dose creative problem solving and logical thinking for the older ones.

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Price: $50 per participating kid.

Ages: 5 to 10 (each session is tailored to the ages of the participating kids).

Drop-off: for kids 7 or older. Kids under 7 need a chaperone.

Open spots: 10.

Location: Monument Plaza (north east corner), Fort Greene Park, 100 Washington Park, Brooklyn, NY 11025.

Refund Policy: no refunds.

Rain Day and Make-up class: on the next Saturday.

Liability Waiver: required.