Wonder Adventures presents…


Immersive Theater + Treasure Hunt for Kids in Fort Greene Park, Brooklyn

This is a 90 min long immersive theater and treasure hunt game designed for kids between 5 to 9 years old. It happens every Saturday at Fort Greene Park, and is open to the public. Individual sign ups and playdates are welcomed. Each kid or party will need to be accompanied by at least one adult during the whole tour-game (we promise that the activity is fun for the adults, too). Only the participating children need to purchase a ticket.

Our Wonder Adventure will start at the top of Fort Greene Park, by the large column.

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We will start with Connection Time, getting to know each other, discussing the agreements for the adventure, and exploring the treasure map and tree cards we have received. Then, Adventure Time! We will receive the first clue that will soon bring us to a mysterious magician blowing floating dreams in the sky (*spoiler*). This whimsical creature will need our help to complete his magic potion, and will invite us into a journey throughout the park to find the missing ingredient.

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Along the way we will meet animals, castles, invisible rivers, and trees, and will face fantasy and real challenges, clues and riddles that will hopefully bring us until the treasured last ingredient. Back at the home base, the kids will test their new superpower to create floating dreams, which come in the form of giant soap bubbles (*spoiler*). The adventure will end where it began.

This Wonder Adventure is customized depending on the age of the participating children , having some whimsical moments for the youngest ones, and some original challenges that require a good dose creative problem solving and logical thinking for the older ones.

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Ages: 5 to 9

Open spots: 10

Location: Monument Plaza (north east corner), Fort Greene Park, 100 Washington Park, Brooklyn, NY 11025

Refund Policy: no refunds

Rain Day (back-up): next Saturday