The School of Wonder aims to design an outdoor curriculum program for Elementary and Middle Schoolers of New York City to learn creative and social-emotional skills in Nature.  

To develop the method, we are creating fun and meaningful learning experiences in NYC parks, where Elementary and Middle schoolers are immersed in treasure hunt-like games, specifically designed to spark their imagination and develop social and emotional connections

We want to prepare our children for a new era of regeneration, empowering them to develop creative solutions with an open mind, to make the Earth a sustainable place to cohabitate.

We want to help children develop the creative and social emotional skills necessary to navigate uncertainty and adapt within flexible and constantly changing structures.

We want  children to trust and master the use of their imagination, to find their destiny and make the most out of this world.   

for children to develop their unique gifts, build the necessary life skills for an uncertain future and practice the use of imagination to shape their life and find their destiny


We are helping children discover their unique gifts, and build the necessary life skills to find their destiny in these times of uncertainty.  Learn more about our Learning Goals and how we address them.

we are

We are a NYC-based coalition of educators, artists, theater producers, dancers and social changers, working towards the common vision to give rise to a peaceful, joyful, conscious and healthy life. Who are we?

designing a METHOD

Designing a 6-month curriculum program of immersive learning experiences for Elementary and Middle Schoolers, currently being tested in NYC parks and Upstate NY during the weekends . Learn more about the Brook Land Adventures Program.