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Marta Pascual Barea 
Founder ~ CEO ~ Teacher of Wonder

Marta brings +10 years of experience at the forefront of K-12 education innovation and strategy. She has wore different hats in the US school system (as educational entrepreneur, advisor of Ministers of Education, and product strategist in cutting-edge ed-tech companies), and has gained a holistic view of the educational system, its needs and gaps, its players and the most promising avenues. Click here to learn more about her professional and personal profile. 


Hana L.T. Hwang
Assistant Teacher & Creative Designer

Hana does the creative design of products and tools at the School of Wonder, and is an assistant teacher for the after-school program. Hana holds a Master of Arts in Art Education at Columbia University, and has also worked as art teacher for K-8 students since 2016.

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The School of Wonder exists thanks to the collaborative effort of educators, artists and social innovators: 

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Nessa Norich
Theatrical Artist

Nessa is the co-founder and lead facilitator of Shine On in Schools.

Nessa is a Brooklyn-based event producer and theater artist devoted to the creation of innovative and challenging new forms of theater. Her work spans styles and mediums, including Neo-Futurism, site-specific Shakespeare, political satire, documentary theater and immersive live events.

Co-founder of Shine On in Schools with Marta Pascual-Barea (June 2016)

Future Clear
Artist Collective

Brooklyn-based collective creating environments that support community. We build platforms to draw and elevate people with vast skills, ideas and creative talents. We use space to act as testing grounds for the formation of new ways of living and interacting. Focused on one motivated unit that works and plays now for a brilliant, Clear Future.

Co-creators of Spying on Humanity Adventure (October, 2017) and The Founders of School of Wonder (October, 2017)