Meet the Wonder Magicians

We are a team of educators, actors, dancers, adventurers, musicians and visual artists.



Marta Pascua is the Director and founder of School of Wonder and the Wonder Adventures. She has over 10 years of professional experience working in Innovative Education and designing creative curriculum programs for children. She’s been teaching her own curriculum since 2016.



Tash Kouri is a body paint artist, movement-meditator and facilitator of children's events and performances. Her NYU degree in Art Therapy and 7 years experience in educational children's publishing resulted in a passion for encouraging PLAY, empathy, taking chances, making mistakes, and getting messy. 



Onome is a vocalist and veteran teaching artist who loves working with people of all ages. Onome embodies joy, enchantment, and infinite possibility through her workshops and performances. She facilitates community singing immersives at concert halls, conferences, galleries, museums, schools, cultural centers, shelters, prisons, parks, churches, wherever voices gather. 



Daniel Avi Halper is an education entrepreneur and musician. He works to spark musical spontaneity, learning through experience, and access to nature. He is a co-creator of Fresh Air Collective, an organization that fosters creative connections between humans and nature for a more symbiotic world. 



Nick is an interactive performer, teacher and facilitator. With over 10 years of teaching experience running music workshops in public schools in New York and internationally, Nick knows how to connect people around the globe by singing and playing together.



Harry Einhorn is a museum educator, theater maker, and meditation teacher. He has over ten years of experience creating fun and engaging experiences for kids and families in some of the best museums in New York City. A graduate of Northwestern University, he loves to travel and believes in the power of wonder!