Marta Pascual Barea  started her career in K-12 Education as co-founder of Teach for America in Spain (“Empieza por Educar”) in 2009. She has also worked for the top US agents of change in K-12 education technology (Amplify Education, EdPuzzle, Nearpod, Google Expeditions). In 2014, she was granted the UK Government Education Policy Fellowship and became full-time advisor of the Director of Strategy and Ministers of the UK Department for Education. She has also worked as education strategist at the New Jersey Department of Education (2011-13) and other public organizations in US.

Prior to her career in K-12 Education, Ms. Pascual was strategic consultant at The Boston Consulting Group.  She also holds a master degree from Columbia University (SIPA-MPA) and two degrees in Law and Business Administration from ICADE- Comillas University (Spain). She is fluent in Spanish, English, French and German.

Her inspirational mission is to put her creativity at the service of K-12 Education to help expand the human possibilities of action and joy, and can prepare children intellectually and emotionally for the challenges of the XXI Century.